About The Cool Consumer

We are people who are consistently amazed at the stuff people think of to sell and market.  We come from different backgrounds, have different work experiences, and live in completely different cities, so you can count on distinct opinions on the stuff, products, and services that we choose to talk about on this website.  We chose a blog format because it’s easy to read and navigate, and reviews will either contain a few different opinions in the same post or one of us might go rogue and write a post all by our lonesomes.


Some of the products and services we review are given to us by people who are interested in an honest online dialog about their offerings.  Other things we just couldn’t live without, so we bought it and will talk to you about it.  Some of the stuff people send us…well, we just didn’t know we couldn’t live without it until we got it.  So, if you have something you think we can’t live without, contact us and we’ll provide our shipping addresses.  Once we receive your product, we’ll write about it within two weeks – usually quicker.

Check out Micah, Liz, Chris and Angie’s bios to learn about us individually, and bear with us as we strive to make this website better and better every day.

Note: Some posts are information posts because we all got really busy and people wanted to do guest blogs and hey, who are we to turn down free content? We’re no longer accepting guest posts about just anything, but we will accept any and all product or service reviews, with full writing credit to you. So let us know if you have a fresh product review for us and we’ll hook you up with a contributor account. You’ll be famous! (legal – we can’t guarantee you’ll be famous).

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